[Korean exchange program] 땅따먹기: The ground of conquer (Korean hopscotch)

Sticks used to throw into the spaces. 

The Korean friends instructed us how to play Korean hopscotch or the ground of conquer (땅따먹기/ 사방치기). The Korean version is quite different from Vietnamese version.


-There are 8 spaces for the hopscotch:

-The 1st player of one team throws the stick in space 1, then hops from space 2 to space 8 and hops back to get the stick.
-That player continues to throw the stick in space 2 and hops to get the stick.
-The rest players of one team take turns to throw the sticks and hops to get the stick.





 – It’s the same way until one team is successful at throwing the stick at space 8
– 1 person turns his or her back against the spaces and throws a stone into the spaces randomly.
– If that stone hits any spaces, that space belongs to that team. Other teams cannot touch that space.
– The winner is the team who gets more spaces than others.




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