[Korean book review] Korean grammar book in use-Beginning with answers

‘Korean grammar book in use’ is the popular grammar book series these days. The series covers most of the frequent grammars used in Korean daily life and it has a lot of useful exercises. I have the beginning and intermediate books, so I will post some reviews of those books.

Sweet Day with cupcakes and Chocolate cake

 Time flied so fast and it came to an end of the Korean exchange program. On the last day, we gave the Korean friends cute gifts that could remind them of our lovely moments at Vietnam. One kind friend even baked a lot of green tea cupcakes. The Korean friends gave us a big chocolate cake… Continue reading Sweet Day with cupcakes and Chocolate cake

Jams and fruits for Tet holiday

The Lunar New Year holiday called ‘Tet Nguyen Dan’ is one of the biggest holidays in Vietnam. Students and workers often have 2 or 3 weeks off during the holiday. Actually the Tet holiday mainly lasts for 3 days, but we have a few days off before the Tet to prepare in advance. In the… Continue reading Jams and fruits for Tet holiday