My new morning ritual

There is always something so special about the morning ritual. If we have a good routine of kick-starting a new day, it can empower us to be at our best every day. After a few months, I manage to find some practical ways by trial and error.

1. Get off social media.
I used to have a habit of checking news right after waking up, but now I try to get off social networks for at least 1 hour to concentrate on other healthy habits.
2. Set a specific time to get up every day
At first, I found it difficult to wake up at the same time every morning, but then I gradually adjust to this new routine. My alarm often goes off at 6 o’ clock, which can help my body establish a daily rhythm.
3. Drink some warm water with lemon
I often slice a small lemon in half and squeeze it into a cup of warm water. Then I add two drops of honey to enhance the flavor. Every time I take a sip of this lukewarm drink, I feel refreshed with a boost of energy. However, you should adjust the amount of lemon if you have problems related to the stomach.
4. Do exercise
I started to take up yoga 6 months ago and it turns out to be a perfect way to set me up for a healthy day. Yoga has several benefits and as for me, it helps me clear my mind and elevate my mood through a short meditation. The breathing technique also helps me take in fresh oxygen and sweep any bits of sleepiness.
5. Read a good book
Flipping through some pages of an interesting book is the final step of my routine. With a hectic schedule, it seems quite difficult to find time to read, but reading a few motivation quotes in the book can boost our productivity and make us feel more optimistic. I have just purchased a wooden book holder which is useful to hold my cookbook. I often read some pages of the cookbook to come up with some ideas for a hearty breakfast.
I hope you can find some useful tips and thank you for reading.

Cookbook holders-3

Cookbook holders-6

Cookbook holders-5

Cookbook holders-4

Cookbook holders-1

One thought on “My new morning ritual

  1. This is a great list! A morning ritual is such a nice way to start the day! I love to begin my morning with reading a Christian devotional, a prayer, and a list of several things I would like to accomplish throughout the day!


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