[Korean book review] Korean grammar book in use-Beginning with answers

korean grammar in use-beginning

‘Korean grammar book in use’ is the popular grammar book series these days. The series covers most of the frequent grammars used in Korean daily life and it has a lot of useful exercises. I have the beginning and intermediate books, so I will post some reviews of those books.

First of all is the review of Korean grammar book in use-Beginning. This book conveys the basic Korean grammar points for the beginner learners. These grammars appear frequently on the Topik beginner test. You must be able to read Hangul before using this book. There are English explanations and English translations of the examples.

korean grammar in use-beginning2
Korean grammar in use -Beginning to Early Intermediate ( Images are scanned from my book)

1) Detail:

Title of the Book: Korean grammar book in use-Beginning to Early Intermediate (English version)
Author : Ahn Jean-myung, Lee Kyung-ah, Han Hoo-youn
Book page : 376 pages
Supplement : MP3 CD
Price: 21,000 won

2)Structure overview:

The basic grammar points are categorized according to their usages such as negative expressions, time expressions, expressions of hope, listing and contrast, demands and obligations and so on. The book has 24 units and each unit covers the grammar points that have the similar usages.

0 -content(1) Korean grammar in use- beginning

0 -content (2)
Korean grammar in use- beginning to early intermediate

0 - content (3) Korean grammar in use- beginning

At the end of the book, there is an appendix which has some notes about grammars, the answer keys, grammar explanations in Korean and grammar index.

0appendix1 Korean grammar in use- beginning 0appendix2 Korean grammar in use- beginning   3) Structure of each unit

At the beginning of the book, there are some introductory units for beginners. These units help the beginners get used to the structure of Korean grammars. There are colourful illustrations and examples. The way the book explains grammar points is very easy to follow. There are boxes for the grammar formulas. The book even shows us the right and wrong usage of basic grammar points.

  1-intro Korean grammar in use- beginning   1-intro3 Korean grammar in use- beginning

1-intro4 Korean grammar in use- beginning

After the introductory unit is the main units of this book. Each unit has main parts which are ‘introductory sentences’, ‘grammar focus’, ‘in conversation’, ‘check it out’, ‘what’s the difference’ and ‘on your own’.

3.1. Introductory sentences

At the beginning of each unit, there are introductory sentences including the new grammar points. You can listen to this part on the accompanying CD. This listening part arouses the learners’ interest in the lesson and helps them get ready for the new grammar points. The learners can infer the meaning of the grammar point after listening to the sentences.

  2-intro sentences Korean grammar in use- beginning  

3.2.Grammar focus

Grammar focus is the section that presents the grammar explanations and examples. This book also shows the grammar restrictions in Korean and common mistakes.

2-grammar focus

2-grammar focus2 Korean grammar in use- beginning    

3.3.In conversation

In this part, the grammars are used in the practical conversation. Learners can also listen to the accompanying CD to practice pronunciation and confirm the use of grammar points in the dialogue.

2-in conversation    

3.4.Check it out

In this section, the book helps learners identify the common grammar mistakes. There are clearly explanations in English and detailed examples.

  2-check it out 3 Korean grammar in use- beginning

Korean grammar in use- beginning

3.5.What’s the difference?

In this part, the book helps the learners distinguish the grammar points and expressions that have the confusing usages, meanings or forms. The section draws learners’ awareness to the natural and practical usage of Korean grammar points. This is the special part that makes this book stand out from other grammar books.

  2-difference1 Korean grammar in use- beginning   2-difference2 Korean grammar in use- beginning  2-difference Korean grammar in use- beginning

2-difference5 Korean grammar in use- beginning     3.6.On your own: 

This part provides the learners with many exercises so that they can check their understanding of the grammar points. With the answer keys and beautiful illustrations, the exercises are designed in a way that learners can self-study actively.

4) Pros and cons
*What I love about this book*

– There are English explanations and English translations of the examples.
– The grammar points are categorized according to the usage so that it is easier for learners to remember the usage
– The book draws learners’ awareness to the common mistakes in meaning, usage or forms.
-The confusing grammar points and expressions are distinguished clearly with examples.
– There are tips that help learners know how to use grammars naturally.
– The focus of the book is the usage of grammars in daily life, so there are a lot of practical conversations so that learners can check how grammars are used in real life.
-There is an MP3 CD recording the dialogues in the books. It helps learners practice pronunciation and learn grammars actively.
-There are answer keys so that learners can check their answers and self-study.
– The exercises are designed in different forms so that learners will not be bored.
– The book uses striking visuals such as beautiful photos to illustrate grammar points.

*Things to improve*

– There is no English translation for the grammar points, so we have to infer the meaning from the English translation of examples
-There are no parts about Korean culture.
– There is no glossary so we have to look up the new vocabularies on our own.
– You must be able to read Hangul before using this book.
-Sometimes the part ‘Check it out’ overlaps the part ‘What’s difference’. For example, the book distinguishes the difference between two grammar points in the part “Check it out” instead of ‘What’s difference’

2-check it out 5

Generally, this is the good grammar book for beginners. You can learn the grammar points in an active and interesting way. The parts ‘Check it out’ and ‘What’s the difference?’ are the highlights of this book. Do you use this book to study Korean grammars?

P/S: Here are some scans of the appendix and answers part. You can download on this link.



29 thoughts on “[Korean book review] Korean grammar book in use-Beginning with answers

  1. I have been your review and i have bought the book, but i think my edition is wrong because in contents says appedix but my book ends at page 344. I have complained about it to amazon but nothing… Im sorry for bother you, but could you take some pictures of it? ;_;


    1. Hello Laura, thanks for your comment. There are two versions:
      2.Beginning to Early intermediate
      But both of those books have the same contents.
      What is the edition of your book? Does your book have the Appendix part?


      1. Hello! Could you please take photos of the Answer key section? That’s 6 pages in the back. For some reason my version of the book does not contain them, while they are crucial for learning. Thank you!


  2. Dear Sweet Angel. Could you skan all of the pages from appendix? I would be grateful if you was able to Т_Т, coz i cant find it anywhere


  3. Hi i have the same problem has the others i dont have the appendix. I was so glad to see you posted it but the link isnt working anymore. Is this the site’s fault or you removed it yourself ?
    Thanks for the great reviens 🙂


  4. Hi! Thanks for your post. I’m new in this exam… I have a question… I get this book, but I want to know what units are necessary to TOPIK 1 in this book. I will take this exam on October in Madrid. 감사합니다.


    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your comment. All the grammars in this book are necessary for TOPIK 1 and 2. I think you should try to cover all of them to get better scores.


  5. Hi! I downloaded your appendix and answers but it seems it’s not complete :/ on Index it says that next answer keys it comes “grammar explanations in Korean” and “grammar index”. Those are missing from mine too, can you take pics or screen it? Thanks in advanced.


  6. Hi, my book also have a problem. I have those pages until to appendix. All I dont have is the ANSWER KEY up to GRAMMAR INDEX, would you mind to take those pictures. Pleaseeee i badly need theeeem T.T or kindly send it to me. I would really appreciate those. Thank you. Hope you notice me
    Gmail: lecesmaean@gmail.com
    Kakaotalk id: moonchips


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