[Korean book review] Korean grammar book in use-Beginning with answers

‘Korean grammar book in use’ is the popular grammar book series these days. The series covers most of the frequent grammars used in Korean daily life and it has a lot of useful exercises. I have the beginning and intermediate books, so I will post some reviews of those books.

[Korean book review] TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 Intermediate-Eng version

One of my favourite Korean grammar books that I have used for a long time is called “TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 Intermediate”. This book organizes the most frequent grammar points in Topik exam according to their usage such as “Reasons, certainty, contrasting….” It even shows the difference between some grammar points. The best thing about this book is… Continue reading [Korean book review] TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 Intermediate-Eng version

Korean bookmarks

Traditional Korean bookmark is one of the most interesting souvenirs from the ‘White Palace’ convention center where the representatives from different Korean universities introduced Korean abroad study. I fall in love with these cute Korean bookmarks at first sight. They were hidden nicely in the small envelops. Every time I opened each envelop, a different… Continue reading Korean bookmarks