A Lovely Christmas !!

Christmas Eve is coming and I wish all my dear readers a wonderful Christmas with your family and special people of your life. A few weeks before Christmas day, all streets are decorated with Christmas trees and glittery decorations. Cheerful songs of Christmas are resonant from the stores and coffee shops along the streets. I… Continue reading A Lovely Christmas !!

Eastern Festival at HUFLIT

The faculty of Eastern Studies at Huflit University hosted the Eastern Festival, which drew a lot of attention. This was my first time going to that University. I went there alone, so I could neither take many photos nor enjoy the festival so much. The festival took place at the yard and the hall. Each… Continue reading Eastern Festival at HUFLIT

Considering where to take Topik

August 20 is the deadline for 32th Topik application, and luckily I managed to register in time. Before registration, I spent much time considering where to take Topik this October. Hong Bang international university and Korean international school are two places where I can take Topik. Last time, I took the Topik test in Hong… Continue reading Considering where to take Topik