Happy Independence Day

September 2nd is Vietnam Independence Day. Therefore, we have a day off to commemorate this historical event. My cousins from a far province also came to visit us, so we decided to cook together. The special meal we prepared was “Bún mắm” (Vietnamese Rice noodles in fermented fish soup). The soul of noodles placed in the fermented… Continue reading Happy Independence Day

Sweet cakes and scented tea

Today I decided to go to the newly-opened coffee shop named Furin. The shop was a little bit small but very cute and cozy. What impressed me was the flower-scented tea bottle. Freshly plucked flower buds together with the tea leaves create special aromas and add more charms to the tea bottle. A sip of… Continue reading Sweet cakes and scented tea

Sweet Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream

Summer is expected to be the wonderful time to take a rest after a year of study. I remember how I felt excited when looking forward to the summer vacation. The thought of lying on the endless beach and bathing in the bright sunshine made me feel very happy. However, summer turned out to be… Continue reading Sweet Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream