Funny Halloween

Today is Halloween but the Halloween spirit seems to overflow into the street around this week. A lot of colorful and scary Halloween costumes are on display along the streets. Children and even the adults gather around the stalls to choose the Halloween costumes. I love seeing the joyful smiles of children behind the beautiful… Continue reading Funny Halloween

Korean bookmarks

Traditional Korean bookmark is one of the most interesting souvenirs from the ‘White Palace’ convention center where the representatives from different Korean universities introduced Korean abroad study. I fall in love with these cute Korean bookmarks at first sight. They were hidden nicely in the small envelops. Every time I opened each envelop, a different… Continue reading Korean bookmarks

Lovely Moon Cakes

In my country, we often eat moon cakes in the Mid-autumn festival. Moon cakes are round pastries which look like the full harvest moon. The fillings vary from ingredients and taste. Most of Vietnamese moon cakes consist of yolks from salted duck eggs and other ingredients such as green bean, taro, lotus seed paste, pork,… Continue reading Lovely Moon Cakes