Matcha cookie weekend

Matcha Cookie

Working at the weekend seems a little bit tiring, but I gradually get used to this routine. I’m glad to work with lovely colleagues in a wonderful environment. This weekend was full of matcha flavours because it was my close colleague’s birthday.

Matcha Cookie
Matcha Cookie

It has been nearly a year since I worked with that lovely colleague. I feel happy and motivated every time I work or talk with her. We often have lunch, study languages and chat about everything. This weekend was her birthday, but she still had to work from morning to evening. Therefore, after having lunch at noon, we celebrated the birthday with a bag of fresh matcha cookies.

Matcha Cookie

 These matcha cookies were from the nearby bakery called “Btown” which was famous for the cakes and healthy smoothies. A batch of fresh matcha cookies was wrapped in a cute transparent bag with a logo of Btown. When we opened the bag, a sweet aroma of buttery cookies and matcha wafted towards us. The green color of matcha cookies made us feel fresh and peaceful. Every bite of these flaky buttery cookies brought us sheer delight. The flavour of matcha added a subtle bitterness to the sweet buttery cookies.  We nibbled the crunchy cookies while talking about daily things and bursting into  laughters. It was a small but cozy birthday celebration that I could not forget.

Matcha Cookie
Matcha Cookie

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