Graduation ceremony


Dear my beloved readers, today I want to share with you one of the most important events in my life. That is my university graduation ceremony, the big event that I have been looking forward to for years.


After four years of studying, I finally become a university graduate. It was such a long challenging journey with all of the presentations, projects, essays and thesis. I have learned a lot of knowledge and experience in the university and now I am ready to follow another path of my life.

I woke up early with all of excitement on the day of the graduation ceremony. Upon my arrival, I saw a lot of cute graduation presents on a desk in the middle of the hall. I fell in love with the teddy bear and the lovely dolls wearing the graduation gowns.



When I came to my faculty office to receive the graduation gowns, I saw a long line of students waiting for their turns. I seemed that everybody was excited about this big event. We took a lot of photos together before the ceremony started.



After taking lots of photos, we went to the hall to attend the ceremony while parents sat on the upper floor. After some speeches by the headmaster, the dean and the representative students, we enjoyed some musical performances.


Then we were directed onto the stage to be congratulated by the headmaster.  I was in the honors program, so I and my classmates were called to go on the stage first. I remember the proud and nervous feeling as I walked across the stage. The headmaster put the graduation hat on my head and I shook his hand with my right hand. I received the certificate from him and stepped backwards to wait for other friends.


After the ceremony, I took a lot of photos with my parents. I felt happy and delighted by the cheers and smiles from my parents. Thank you everyone for making it such a memorable day.




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37 thoughts on “Graduation ceremony

  1. Congratulations!!! It’s such a special day 🙂 I hope you it was as perfect as can be 🙂
    Aaaah we didn’t get hats for my graduation… We do have a special “hat tradition” for highschool graduation all over Denmark, but very few programmes at university level have hats. You’re so lucky 🙂

    Best of luck for your upcoming job life! I hope you will still have plenty of time for Korean studies 🙂


    1. Hello koreanlearner, thank you very much. We didn’t wear hats in high school graduation, but I’m lucky to wear a hat in university graduation. It was a great feeling. I will try to find time to study Korean.


  2. Congratulations my new friend!!! I wish you all the best! Do what you love and never give up hope on your dreams! 🙂 Graduating college is such an honor!!!

    When I graduated college this past December, I cried tears of joy as I walked out with my graduating class. I remember sitting in my seat and just thinking of all the moments that led to this outstanding one! It was wonderful!

    Will you celebrate with a party with your friends or take a little vacation?


    1. Hello Danielle Green, thank you for your comment. The moments of graduation ceremony are so touching and unforgettable. We went to a nearby restaurant to eat sea crab spring rolls and grilled pork.

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