Sweet Day with cupcakes and Chocolate cake

 Time flied so fast and it came to an end of the Korean exchange program. On the last day, we gave the Korean friends cute gifts that could remind them of our lovely moments at Vietnam. One kind friend even baked a lot of green tea cupcakes. The Korean friends gave us a big chocolate cake and we ate together. Today was such a sweet day.

 The chocolate cake was moist and heavenly delicious. The colour and design were so charming that I could not take my eyes off the cake. Each bite was soft, tender and I could feel the cream melt in my mouth. The taste of dark chocolate was deep and bitter sweet.



 The green tea cupcakes my friend baked was also very delicious. They were homemade, so it conveyed a lot of meaning. The cakes were moist and tender with a light scent of green tea. Each bite was really fresh and delicious. There were even some rose flavoured cupcakes.







Today was such a sweet day.





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