Korean pressed flower art (압화 공예)

During the exchange program, the Korean friends introduced Pressed Flower Art (압화 공예), one of Korean traditional crafts. The beautiful flowers and fresh leaves are pressed between the book pages or flat cardboards until they are flattened and dry. Although the colours have faded a little bit, the flowers still have a delicate and elegant attraction. The dried flowers and leaves can be used for many craft objects such as paper, cards, mirrors, phones and so on.


Today, we practiced writing letters and decorating them with pressed flowers. The Korean friends gave us sets of pressed flowers. We chose the ones we liked and used glue to stick them on the letters. Sticking the pressed flowers is much more difficult than I thought because the flower petals and leaves are too delicate and soft. If I wasn’t careful enough, I could make the flower petals fall off. Therefore, I needed to concentrate and stuck the dried flowers on the letters carefully. We even turned off the fans so that the wind could not affect the flowers. I had to admit that decorating pressed flowers was a really delicate and admirable art. After writing the letters and sticking the flowers, we laminated the letter with transparent cover.



My pressed flower letter
My pressed flower letter


7 thoughts on “Korean pressed flower art (압화 공예)

  1. You brought back memories of my childhood. I haven’t done pressed flowers in handwritten letters/paper in ages. Now I want spring to come soon, so I can do that again.


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