Coconut candies, the sweetness of Ben Tre specialty


 During the Korean exchange program, the Vietnamese staff introduces the Korean students to coconut candies (Kẹo dừa), the specialty of Ben Tre province. The coconut candies can be found mostly from Ben Tre province which is regarded as the coconut’s homeland in Vietnam.

The coconut candies are made from two main ingredients which are the coconut milk and sugar. After being grated, the fresh coconuts are squeezed to produce coconut milk. The coconut milk and sugar are blended to create a very special sweet and pleasant scent for the candies.

Coconut candies with peanuts and durian flavour

There are many varieties of coconut candies such as coconut candies with peanuts, pandan, durian or pineapple flavours. In this exchange program, we used the peanuts and durian version. Each candy has two parts which are the yellowish part and the green one. The yellowish part of the candy tastes very sweet and crunchy with the peanuts and coconut milk. The green part of the candy brings out a very special scent and sweetness thanks to the durian flavour.

Another special feature of this candy is the stickiness. The candies are so sticky that we have to chew the candies for a while. Therefore, we organized a game called “Coconut candy challenge”. Each team including Korean and Vietnamese students had to eat coconut candies as much as possible in 5 minutes. The team that ate the most number of candies will be the winner. We spent a lot of great time eating the candies.




Jelly for the winner

 The losing team had to choose two types of drinks randomly and drink the mixture. There were Sprite, Cocacola, orange juice, soy sauce, cacao, water and salt available. That was so challenging!!!


5 thoughts on “Coconut candies, the sweetness of Ben Tre specialty

    1. Hello Korean Vitamin. I think it depends on everybody’s taste. Most of Korean friends who joined our exchange program said that those candies were very delicious. Any way, the durian flavour in the candies are not too strong, so everyone can eat them easily.


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