[Korean exchange program] 딱지치기: Ttakji game

Ttakji game (딱지치기) is a Korean traditional game using folded paper disks. The Korean friends instructed us how to fold a Ttakji by using colourful thick paper.


You can watch this video to know how to fold a Ttakji paper:

-When you finish folding the paper into a square one, you start to play the game by throwing your Ttakji paper down upon your opponent’s Ttakji paper to make it flip.

-If your opponent’s Ttakji paper flips, it becomes yours and you get one point.



 TTakji is a very common game in Korean and I remember seeing it featured on the show Running Man.

2 thoughts on “[Korean exchange program] 딱지치기: Ttakji game

    1. Hello Miranda, thank you for your comment. This game is very interesting although it is a little bit difficult. Although the Korean friends instructed me how to fold the paper, but I still haven’t remembered the steps yet.


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