Funny Christmas with Gmax

G is our university group’s name and we have a tradition of celebrating the Christmas party called Gmax every year. This is the 5th time we have celebrated the Gmax party but this time seemed so different because we finally graduated after four years of studying. We decided to throw a party in a coffee shop called Story M.







My impression of this coffee shop was that it was decorated with beautiful flowers and greenery. I loved how the little red flower pots were hung on the walls. I felt like being immersed in the greenery scenery of vines climbing gracefully on the pieces of wood. We gazed at the plants and listened to the raindrops while it was drizzling outside.






 The coffee shop was quite small but cozy and well-designed. My favourite decorations were the bookshelves with a lot of small squares arranged in a stylish way. There were many spaces and corners for the groups. Our class chose the balcony corner on the first floor with a view of the street. This corner was separate from other rooms by glass doors, so we could spend a lot of private time organizing funny games together.







The food also stood out with a variety of choices, but it took time for the dishes to be served. I had to waited for more than thirty minutes to see my beef noodles. Anyway, the beef noodles were served hot with lemon grasses, thin slices of beef and thin white noodles dipped in special broth. I loved the hot broth so much because it had a deep flavoured taste.



The fried rice with shredded chicken, dried salmon and salted duck egg was flavoursome and delicious. However it was a little dry, so it was a great idea to savour the fried rice while sipping the smoothie. The drink tasted so cool and lovely with the mint whipped cream. A loaf of bread was dipped with the egg omelet and the beef . It was a simple meal but very delicious.



We played the games of guessing numbers and chatting about our recent lives. Then we exchanged presents. Along with each gift was a challenge following the theme “Escape” because we had just graduated from the university.


The challenges were so difficult and funny that we burst into laughter. I received the challenge that I had to escape from the room and find a male guest to make friends and ask for information. Then I was forced to take a selfie with that person and labeled the photo as “This winter is not cold any more”. Another friend had to pose like the person on the exit sign. Other challenges were to fake 5 languages, to escape this room and catwalk around the coffee shop or to dance in an escaping way. We had so much fun together and other guests looked at our group with curious eyes.




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