Back to hometown

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Although it is December but the weather in the south of Vietnam is still humid and wet with the afternoon downpour. I am really looking forward to the end of the rainy season soon. I heard that the north of Vietnam is getting colder this year. I feel envious that the north has four seasons while the south only gets two seasons which are the rainy season and the dry one. It reminds me of the trip back to my hometown in the north last year. It felt like a whole new experience with the coldness of the north.



 There was no airport in my hometown, so I and my dad had to take a flight to the nearby airports which are Cat Bi airport in Hai Phong city or Noi Bai airport in Ha Noi city. We decided to fly from Hochimih city to Hai Phong city first and then my uncle took us for a ride to my hometown.

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A window seat next to an emergency exit is always my favourite because exit row seats have a lot of leg room in front of them and I can watch the magnificent scenery through the plane window. It was a cloudy day and I enjoyed being immersed myself in the white clouds outside the windows. A mass of fluffy clouds like cotton balls scudded across the blue sky. Flying from the south to the north of Vietnam was a long journey. I loved to see the little buildings from the plane view. I was also impressed by the tranquil scenery of small farms and the green paddy fields.



We took a flight at noon, so we were provided with a small set of lunch. The square hamburger was quite delicious with a thin layer of meat dipped in rich mayonnaise and slices of tomatoes, but the bread was a little bit dry. The roasted mixed nuts tasted crispy and fatty. The roasted peanuts with coconut seemed more delicious than the green peas.

Green bean sweet soup

What I loved most was the green bean sweet soup. It had an attractive yellow colour of green beans and the white rich coconut sauce. The texture of this sweet soup felt sticky and smooth. Each spoonful of this sweet soup made me stay fresh and pleasant.

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A gust of cold wind welcomed me and my dad right after we got off the plane. The atmosphere in Hai Phong was definitely different from Hochiminh city. Everybody wore long-sleeved coats to stay warm from the coldness. The pace of Hai Phong life seemed slower and more tranquil than Hochiminh city. My uncle took us for a 3-hour ride. We got home in the late evening and I started to experience the countryside life although I missed the hustle and bustle of city life so much.



4 thoughts on “Back to hometown

    1. Hello Kang Ju-won, thank you for your comment. I also love the photo of village too. It’s hot around the year in my country, so I hope to experience some snow in Korea. Hope you keep warm to survive the freezing weather.


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