Hot noodles with Perilla mint


I am so proud of the garden my mom grows on the balcony. This garden is full of herbs, mints, basils and many types of seasonings. There is not much space in the city these days, so owning a spacious garden is very difficult. The solution for my family is to grow a garden on a balcony. My mom grows a lot of vegetables and herbs there. Hence, it is very convenient to pick any vegetable and herbs without rushing to the market.


I catch a cold these days, so I often eat food flavoured with the mint called Perilla in my family garden. The Vietnamese perilla is green on the top side and purplish red on the bottom side. It is said that eating a bow of hot porridge or noodles with Perilla can help relieve the symptoms of the flu. Therefore, I eat the hot porridge with Perilla every morning. It is a very refreshing feelings after polishing off a big bowl of Perilla porridge. In the afternoon, I made the noodles with Perilla. The sliced beef sprinkled on the noodles is still tender and juicy. The  warmth and the flavour of Perilla mint truly cast its spell on me. I really enjoy sipping the thick broth and eating the beef noodles with Perilla.


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