Recovering with herbs


I am susceptible to colds whenever the timing of the season shifts every year. The seasonal shift from rainy to dry season makes me feel uncomfortable with endless rasping coughs and a runny nose. I have taken many doses of medicines but they cannot help relieve the symptoms of the cold. Those medicines even make me suffer from insomnia and I start to develop acne. Therefore, I try to stop taking medicines and begin to use the natural herbs my mom grows in our family garden on the balcony.


My mom grows a special herb called “Tần dày lá”( Plectranthus amboinicus/Indian borage). This  special green herb gives off a pungent smell. I often picks the fresh leaves of these herbs and wash them in clean water. Then I take some succulent leaves, chew and swallow them. The strong flavour of the herbs makes it very difficult to chew. At first, I cheat by only swallowing the juice from the herbs and then spit the leaves. However, my mom tells me to swallow the juice and the leaves together so that it can help relieve my cough. I have to listen to my mom and after 1 week, I can shake off this cough. It is so amazing!!!


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