Printing the Topik papers

Time flies like an arrow and it is December already. I always write the goal list on the first day of a new year and then reflect on my process in the last month as usual. Although this year I cannot accomplish all of the goals I have set before, I still feel delighted with some good achievements.

Any way, in this last month, I will try to achieve the rest of the goals as much as possible. There are also a ton of photos and blog posts to write before the new year. First, I will refresh myself by printing the previous advanced Topik tests which is the task that I procrastinate for a long time.



 Some people often print one Topik test first, do it and then print another one. However, I have a habit of downloading all the previous Topik tests available on the website and printing all of them. I don’t want to see the pages of Topik tests scattered on my table, so I print them all and use the tape binding to make a collection of Topik tests.

Collection of Advanced Topik tests

 Printing previous Topik tests is always a tiring task because each test consists of 7 separate files. I often print about 25 tests from the 10th Topik exam to the 35th Topik exam and if each test have 7 files, it means that I have to print 175 separate files. I feel lazy when imagining the scene  of continually opening one file, printing it and then opening another one. Therefore, I have to use the software called “PDFill PDF Tools” to merge 175 files into one file with just one click. Then I can print one file containing 25 tests easily and use the tape binding to hold sheets of paper together. Last time, I manage to do about 24 intermediate Topik tests in about 6 months, so hopefully I will manage to do all of the advanced Topik tests before the next Topik exam.


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