Lily after rain

It’s winter already and I like reading blog posts about the cold weather and the first snow. I feel comfortable and cozy whenever I imagine nesting in warm blankets and sipping a big mug of hot chocolate in such a cold weather. I wish I could experience the coldness of winter and warm myself with colorful striped scarves because there is no winter in my region.


The north of my country has four seasons but the south of my country where I live only has two seasons which are the dry season and the rainy season. It is still in the rainy season these days and it rains like cat and dog in the afternoon.


The flowers in my family’s garden enjoy the rain to the utmost. I also feel carefree because of not needing to water the garden regularly thanks to the rain. I love taking photos and gazing at the pretty little lilies after the drizzle. The beautiful lilies are in full bloom with crystal-clear raindrops lingering on the pink delicate petals. When the monsoon rain ceases and the sunlight starts to shine, the lilies seem to be more beautiful. The raindrops on the petals reflect the bright sunlight and become glittery. The flowers bloom in the sun and show off their vitality. Looking at that scenery makes me feel more energetic and dreamy.


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