My 36th Topik result.

Today the 36th topik result comes out and I feel very thrilled. As you can read from my experience with the 36th Topik exam, you can understand how terrified I felt with this new format of Topik. I became more worried when I could not get access to the topik page. I guess there are too many people who check their results, so the web site could not load. It’s nearly 30 minutes past the release time but I was still not able to check my result. I decide to do something else to kill time instead of keeping reloading the website. I felt disappointed with the system of Topik page.

Finally, after 1 hour, I can check my result. Last year, in the 32nd Topik exam, I got Topik 4 (Intermediate 2), so I am aiming for the advanced level. However, the new format of Topik exam is so difficult that  I did not think that I could pass the exam any more. Fortunately, in the 36th Topik exam, I somehow got Topik 4 again.

 ngoc lan

The 36th topik conducts the new format, so I cannot compare this result with any Topik exams I have ever taken. However, according to this result, I know that writing is definitely my weakness. I feel very disappointed at myself for not improving the writing skill for 1 year. In fact, I still try to practice writing the essays day by day, but I only practice the descriptive and narrative essays which are common in the intermediate exam. The advanced level requires the skills for argumentative types, so I guess it’s high time to practice these kinds of exam.

As for the listening section, I feel disappointed with my skill too. In the new Topik exam, we can only listen to each question ONCE and I cannot handle it due to the lack of attention and skills. I guess I have to practice listening more. The only improvement is the reading skill. I feel that I can understand most of the reading passages to some extents. The only question type I cannot solve is the one that requires us to match the newspapers title with its meaning. The title uses some kinds of metaphors, so I cannot guess its meaning. I definitely have to practice this type of reading question by reading the Korean newspapers.

You can check your result in this link

In the 시험회차 drop-down box, you select제36회

 In 수험번호 box, enter your registration number

In 생년월일 box: select your date of birth

Finally, click on the 조회하기 button.

topik 36

If you cannot check your Topik result and receive this message ” XecureWeb이 작동하지 않습니다. 관리자에게 문의하세요 ” , you should install the file xw_install.exe and use Internet Explorer.

31 thoughts on “My 36th Topik result.

    1. Oh my, I read about you sitting the test. Even though you thought it was a very hard experience, I’m amazed you managed while recovering from surgery. I don’t think I could have done the same. I hope you have fully recovered both physically after the surgery and emotionally after the exam, and are happy with your score because these results are truly impressive. You’ve advanced a level in spite of the exam becoming more difficult and in spite of not being in optimal health when taking the exam. Congratulations!

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      1. Hello Koreanlearner, thank you very much. Your comments really encourage and motivate me to keep studying Korean. I will try to look on the bright side and study Korean with a lot of fun, not just the pressure of exam. ^^


  1. I think you did well! I haven’t taken the test yet but I printed them out and oh boy I was just scared when I saw the questions and the writing part. I need to practice my writing too! Though I know political terms TOPIK seems to to be more on social and economical stuff? Maybe that’s just me.

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  2. 4급 합격 축하드려요. 역시 대단하시네요. 그러게요. 말하고 싶은 것을 논리적으로 정리해서 글을 쓰는 것이 정말 어려워요. 쓰기 공부를 꾸준히 해야 할 것 같아요. 저도 열심히 해야죠.

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    1. Hello, congratulations on passing TOPIK I. According to the Topik web, if you pass Topik I, it means that “you are able to carry out simple conversations related to daily routines such as making phone calls and asking favour, as well as using public facilities in daily life./Able to use about 1,500 to 2,000 vocabulary and understand personal and familiar subjects in certain order, such as paragraphing/Able to use formal expression and informal expression accordingly depends on the situation.”

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  3. Congratulations. You are a success simply for taking the exam. Try to see your accomplishments, not only the parts where you could improve. I’m like that too. If I take an exam and get 95% right, all I do is spend my time thinking about the 5% wrong.

    Yes, good to think about the future, but please take a little time to celebrate the year of studying that brought you to this point. Everyone has been thrown by the new format of TOPIK. You know what to expect next time. You are one smart cookie!

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  4. I cant see my results ! It says Xecure Web is not working.. my application number is 018017000501 and my birthday is may 15 1997. Pls help.


  5. I am not able to check my topik result .
    I have applied for 36th topik
    My registration no. Is 026018000029
    My date of birth is 22/8/1991
    Plz help. . I really want to know my result. .


  6. Congrats’ for being brave enough to go through all of this, I get scared whenever I think about any kind of examination so imagine how scared I was when I heard that TOPIK exam format has changed this year T.T (I’m so unlucky it’s the year when I finally decided to take my first exam :D) but reading posts like yours give me a boost and a reason to go ahead ^^
    ps: I’ve been looking for your blog for a long time, I fell in love with before creating mine, I thought I kept your link somewhere but I lost it when I checked my email today I finally found you hahahahha…Blogs like yours are great for self learner like myself to keep moving forward I mean reading about your progress and all is encouraging…Glad I finally found you kekekekkeke

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    1. Hello Koreanmaze, I feel very touched and happy when reading your comment about my blog. Your comment is very nice and lovely, which motivates me to learn Korean better. I’m glad that you enjoy my blog. ^^


  7. A late congratulation to you! I have joined the 40th topik I exam and it was my first topik. I was so nervous about it cause I didn’t really prepare for it xd. I also think that writing was the most difficult part for topik especially if you aim for grade 5 or 6. I’ve also planned to take topik 2 in next year, let’s fighting together xdd.
    But I can’t get access to my results duhh… It’s there anyway I can try to go into the website without being block by those security stuffs? Or do you mind helping me to see? my id is 003037000312 and birthday is 26/4/1999. Thank you soooo much.


    1. Hello Brig So, thank you for your comment. I agree that writing is the most difficult part.
      You can try using the Internet Explorer browser to check your result. You should install the file xw_install.exe

      This is your topik result


  8. I have been experiencing the same problem in accessing the results too and I’m operating on a MacBook so I can possibly have access to internet explorer. Is there another way to view the score? I’m really anxious to know it and perhaps you can help me with it? This is my first time taking topik 1 to see how do I fare so far. If you can, would appreciate if you can help to check my score. My birth date is 12 jan 1990 candidate number 019017000103


  9. Hiii~ I have joined the 40th topik exam and I am nervous about it. However I couldn’t check my result as it doesn’t allow me to log in. My Id is 003037000254 and my birthday is 19991202. Thank you so much!


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