It feels like summer time

Winter is around the corner with the cold gust of wind and the fallen leaves. Normally this is one of the most busiest periods in a year when I have to do research, make presentations and cram for the exams . However, the winter this year is very different because this is the first time I can have a long break after years of study.


After graduation the pace of life seems to slow down and I spend carefree days doing what I ever want. I can go shopping, cook for family, go travelling, read novels and put the thick textbooks aside for a while. The graduation ceremony is said to take place at the end of this December, so I am really looking forward to that ceremony.

Today, I went shopping at the shop called “The gioi decor”. The shop is small but full of cute stuffs. I love mooching through the shop and gazing at the beautiful inspiring stuffs. I am impressed with the decoration of beach theme. There is a corner full of beach houses, lighthouses, wheels, fish, oysters, nets, gulls, starfish and so on. The blue and white spreads through this corner and makes my heart feel peaceful and tranquil. It makes me feel like summer time with the deep blue sea and the endless beach.

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