Clover Cafe

Thesis defense is one of the most challenging obstacle I have ever encountered. Months of sleepless nights and stressful moments took away all of my energy in the senior year. I feel relieved that my thesis defense went well and I officially finish 4 years of university. I and my friends went to a coffee shop called Clover near my university to have lunch.

We had a great time together enjoying the food and talking about our post-graduation plan. Some friends intended to go to work while others wanted to study the Master degree. We had a lot of plans but we still felt bewildered about our future when there were so many paths to choose. 22 seemed to mark a turning point in our lives. After graduation, everybody will take different paths and we wonder if our class can find time to gather like this any more.

The Clover cafe is very small but cozy and well-designed. I love the way they decorate the clover leafs with an orange pot on the white door. It creates a peaceful feeling when we first enter the coffee shop. This coffee shop is famous for the crepes, so we ordered many kinds of crepes. I was impressed with the square crepe with a yolk in the middle. The decoration of this crepe was very eye-catching and cute. The yolk together with the salad and tomato brightened the whole crepe.

I ordered the strawberry crepe because I am a fan of strawberry flavour. Unlike the bright decoration of the square crepe, the strawberry crepe had a simple but elegant decoration. Sweet chocolate was drizzled elegantly on top of the crispy crepe. A dollop of strawberry cream was put carefully on the crepe. I like the combination of biting the cold sweet strawberry cream and the hot crepe so much. It made the crepe more enjoyable and not boring. Inside the crepe were a lot of small sliced sour sweet strawberry. It made the crepe crunchy and more delicious.

The dish of curry was very hot and spicy. The curry had a lot of ingredients and spices and it was a perfect dish to eat with rice. The decoration of this curry was also impressive, which made the customers want to eat at first sight.

A cup of scented tea lighten up the afternoon. My friend sipped the tea while doing her homework.

11 thoughts on “Clover Cafe

  1. Congratulations on your graduation!!! When I graduated I took an entire month off because I was so exhausted. I hope you get a nice rest now that all has been wrapped up and you did well 🙂


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