Funny Halloween

Today is Halloween but the Halloween spirit seems to overflow into the street around this week. A lot of colorful and scary Halloween costumes are on display along the streets. Children and even the adults gather around the stalls to choose the Halloween costumes. I love seeing the joyful smiles of children behind the beautiful masks of witch, vampires, zombies or superman. A lot of stores and coffee shops are decorated in Halloween styles with scary pumpkins and black cats or spiders.


I was very excited to enjoy my first Halloween at my work place. Children felt eager with Halloween celebration and they brought many Halloween costumes. Before the class started, they tried on clothes and wore beautiful masks. Their happiness made me feel energetic and I even put on the Halloween costumes with them too. I totally fell in love with the green mask. It was designed elegantly with soft and fluffy feathers. Wearing this green elegant mask made me feel as if I had been in a prom.

The purple witch hat was also one of my favourite because I love fantasy world and I always want to wear the witch hat some day. My students also felt excited with this witch hat and they posed with this hat a lot. The student with black glasses looked like Harry Potter when wearing this witch hat. One student also brought the skeleton black cloak and it was so funny. Another student dressed in Spiderman costume and he looked so cute.

tim 1

A special room in the 3rd floor was turned into a Halloween room. As for the kid classes, we showed the class a Halloween video and taught them some vocabularies related to Halloween such as ghost, witch, vampire, mummy and so on. Some teachers instructed children to draw Halloween pictures or colour them.

Then each class took turns to go to the Halloween room. Children lined up and received the masks. I love the masks so much because they are so beautiful and glittery.

Then they went to the Halloween room, but some students were too scared to go, so we had some difficulties encourage them to enter the room. The Halloween room made a strong impression because it was very dark and mysterious. The darkness took on a scary feel, which made children feel more scared but also excited. A big pumpkin shone bright on the ceilings with many shiny glittery chains of lights. The pumpkin scarecrow with a wide smile seemed to scare the children. Nearby was the spider web with a big black spider. Below were two Jack o lanterns with the eyes shining through the darkness. A teacher who disguised herself as a witch was really scary with the witch voice. She scared the children and me too. The witch asked students about the Halloween vocabularies and then distributed candies. A lot of children even burst into tears.

As for the teenagers, the Halloween room was designed in a more scary way. The lights of floor 3 was turned off and students took turns to enter the room. There were more scary decorations at night and besides the witch, there was a teacher who disguised himself as a monster with green curly hair. The witch divided children into 2 teams. Each team had to pick a card by chance. If the card showed the word “Treat”, they would received a present. However, if the card showed the word “Trick”, they had to do a punishment. Unfortunately, both teams picked the “Trick” cards and they had to do a punishment. Then all of the lights were turned off and there were many scary voices. Students screamed a lot and jostled in the narrow room. Then the lights were turned on, but then they were suddenly turned off. A lot of students screamed and burst into tears. The Halloween day at my work place was so interesting!!!

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