The Topik page has just announced the topik schedule for the year 2015. I am very surprised because they have increased the number of examinations. There will be 6 topik tests: 38th topik, 39th topik, 40th topik, 41st topik, 42nd topik and 43rd topik instead of 4 topik tests in KOREA as usual. Especially there will be 4 topik tests instead of 2 tests in Korea and other countries. It means that other countries can only take the 39th, 40th , 42nd and 43rd topik exams. I am very happy because there will be more chances for me to improve my skills and challenge myself with the exam.

2015 topik schedule date

topik 2015 result

source :http://www.topik.go.kr/usr/cmm/subLocation.do?menuSeq=211010201

14 thoughts on “2015 TOPIK SCHEDULE

  1. Somebody in charge, please tell Jakarta Korean International School to follow this official schedule because it never does. ^^ It makes it hard for people who don’t have any link to any Korean language school like me to register for TOPIK.


    1. I’m self-studying Korean at home too, so it’s very difficult for me to know when to register for the exam. The Topik exam place doesn’t announce on any websites, so I have to call them to ask for the dates.


    1. if you live in La Union, Philippines, you can register for the 39th, 40th , 42nd and 43rd topik exams.
      Each country has different registration days. I live in Vietnam, so I don’t know about your country schedule .If you want to know the detailed registration date, you have to contact the place that organized the Topik exam in La Union, Philippines.


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