Laser eye surgery experience

Hello everybody. Welcome back to my blog. I’m sorry for not posting for over 1 month. I got the laser eye surgery so I have to refrain from TV, laptops, phones and so on. After the surgery, my eyesight is getting better every day. Now I will share my experience of getting a laser eye surgery of my surgery.

**Pre-surgery** September 12th, 2014

The pair of glasses became my companion for over 14 years. After spending such many years with the glasses, I find a lot of inconvenience in my daily life and I always dream of the day I can see clearly without the glasses. After finishing four years of university, I have a lot of free time and I am thinking of getting the laser eye surgery. However, I still felt bewildered at that time after reading other experiences of the surgery. One day, when I saw my aunt and other friends get successful laser eye surgery, I felt motivated and encouraged to get the surgery. I decided to go to the Hochiminh city eye hospital (280 Dien Bien Phu street, ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) to have an eye examination first.

The eye examination was longer than I had expected. It took 4 hours to go through all the procedures. First, the doctors evaluated my eyes.Then I had some special eye drops 4 times and waited for about 30 minutes. Later the doctor measure the shape and thickness of my cornea and other eye conditions. I lay on a bed and the doctor put some eye drops to make my eyes numb. Then he used a machine which looked like a stick to touch my eyes. Thanks god my eyes were numb and I didn’t feel any thing. Finally I went to a room to meet an eye surgeon to discuss the eye surgery. There were 3 types of laser eye surgery available in this hospital.

1.     Normal lasik eye surgery: The surgeons use a knife called a microkeratome to cut a thin and circular “flap” in the cornea. Then they open the flap and use an excimer laser to correct eye vision. Then they fold back the flap.

2.     Femto second lasik eye surgery. : The surgeons use the femto second laser to cut a thin and circular “flap” in the cornea. Then they open the flap and use an excimer laser to correct eye vision. Then they fold back the flap.

3.     ReLEx SMILE lasik eye surgery: “ReLEx® SMILE uses state-of-the-art femtosecond technology to create a high-precision lenticule that is removed through a small incision in an intact cornea. It converts the roughly 20 mm side cut of LASIK to a small incision of less than 4 mm.” (Source:

After consideration, I and my family chose the femto second lasik eye surgery. The cost is extremely expensive, but it is safer.

***Surgery day*** (Monday, September 22nd, 2014)

I had the lasik eye surgery in the morning. I ate rice with grilled ribs and tried to keep calm. I was called with other 6 people. We wore the surgery cloth and had some medicines. Then we lay on a bed and the nurses washed and sanitized my eyes. Then we sat on the sofa to wait for our turns.

I couldn’t believe that I was the first to get the surgery this morning. I felt scared but tried to keep calm. The surgeon used an ink marker to mark the cornea, but I trembled, so she had to do it again. I lay on a movable bed and above me was a set of machine. The surgeon used a suction ring to prevent eye movement. She told me to look at the green dot and not to move my eyes. Then I heard the machine start to work and the femto second laser created a flap in my cornea. It happened very fast and it didn’t hurt. Then a male nurse guided to go outside to take a rest.  A few minutes later, the male nurse guided me to another room and I lay on another bed. Now, the surgeon used the excimer laser to correct my eye vision and it smelled like grilled meat. Then she folded back the flap and smoothened it. It happened very fast too and then the surgery was done.


The hospital gave me 4 types of eyedrops and I laid on the bed in the waiting room to take a rest. I could see more clearly but I still felt there was a thin fog in front of my eyes. I took a nap and in the afternoon, I had an eye checkup. My eyesight is getting better every day but my left eye healed faster than my right eyes. I had to wear a pair of goggles even when taking a show or sleeping to prevent me from rubbing my eyes.

After 1 week, two eyes healed and I can see clearly. My eye vision is 20/20 and I feel so happy. However, it takes 3 to 6 months for the eyes to heal completely, so I have to refrain from TV, laptops, books and so on. I lay on bed listening to music all day long. Any way, I feel on cloud 9 after the successful eye surgery.

11 thoughts on “Laser eye surgery experience

    1. Hello Amanda, thank you for your comment. Lasik surgery is one of the most pleasant surgeries ever. I feel like being in a whole new world when every morning I wake up, I can see things clearly without glasses. ^^


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