Lotte fried chicken and hamburgers

After attending the event at ‘White Palace’ convention center, I and my friends went to the nearby Lotte restaurant to have lunch. All of these friends came from the Korean major while I came from the English major. However, because of the love for Korean, we made friends easily and talked a lot. We shared many things about Korean study, school work. Some friends applied for the Korean scholarship and I hope that they could succeed in getting the scholarships.

We decided to order the special combo of Lotte fried chicken, hamburgers and pepsi to get the beautiful little bottles as gifts. Those bottles were so cute and attractive that we all fell in love with them at first sight. However, we had to wait for a long time for our lunch. Luckily, we drank cool pepsi to quench our thirst while chatting. When the meal came out, we were extremely hungry. We hurriedly ate the fried chicken and they were quite delicious. The chicken were a little bit salty with many seasonings. The crust was crunchy and hot, which enhanced the flavor of the fried chicken. I always prefer dipping the fried chicken into chili and tomato sauce.

The hamburgers were loaded with many fillings such as a thick slice of meat, a leaf of lettuce and slices of tomatoes. I felt a little bit overloaded with the thick slice of meat and wished there would be more vegetables. Anyway, we enjoyed the lunch to the utmost.

5 thoughts on “Lotte fried chicken and hamburgers

  1. Tinh co em tim thay blog cua chi. Chi viet blog rat hay. Em cung Khoa NVA truong Nhan van va cung yeu thich tieng Han. Em thay chi co nhieu tai lieu hay, khong biet chi co the chia se voi em ? Thu vien truong minh co nhung ko chua mua ve con neu mua thi dat! Neu duoc em cam on chi truoc nha!


    1. Em ra chỗ photo khu C hoặc nhà sách đối diện trường mình ở Đinh Tiên Hoàng có bán bộ Seoul, tiếng hàn tổng hợp dành cho người việt nam hay lắm ah.


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