Korean bookmarks

Traditional Korean bookmark is one of the most interesting souvenirs from the ‘White Palace’ convention center where the representatives from different Korean universities introduced Korean abroad study. I fall in love with these cute Korean bookmarks at first sight. They were hidden nicely in the small envelops. Every time I opened each envelop, a different Korean bookmark appeared with many beautiful traditional patterns.




The traditional hanboks are used as the main theme in these Korean bookmarks. We can see the different hanboks used for children, adults or the brides and grooms. Besides the decorative function, these Korean bookmarks also reflect the beauty of Korean culture. I can’t wait to stick these lovely bookmarks to my Korean bookmarks. They are such great motivation for my Korean study.

10 thoughts on “Korean bookmarks

  1. These are so lovely. I just purchased two similar ones on eBay- one is a dragon and the other is a woman wearing hanbok. I love that they came in a little envelope and had some info on the history and culture. I didn’t know there were ao many others. They’re small and light, but they’re so pretty and inexpensive.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you can purchase some beautiful bookmarks. They are so lovely and cute. The information about Korean culture through the bookmarks is also very interesting. ^^


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