Thesis Defense

I had a thesis defense on July 30. My faculty organized the thesis defense from July 29 to July 31. I felt extremely bewildered and scared of the defense. I always get butterflies in my stomach whenever I imagine standing in front of the committee to defend my thesis.

Before my thesis defense, I came to watch my friends’ defense to get experience. It turned out that the thesis defense was not as terrifying as I imagined, so I felt more confident.

On the defense day, there were 6 students presenting in the morning while normally there were only 3 or 4 students. Therefore, each of six students had to present briefly. I was the 4th students and waiting for my turn made me feel more nervous. Unlike yesterday, the new committee seemed quite strict today. My friends had difficulty making it through the defense. When my turn came, I managed to present my thesis in 10 minutes and then the committee started to comment or ask questions. However, my cellphone suddenly rang (Luckily, I have already set the mute button). I ignored the cellphone and concentrated on the committee. My supervisor was in Malaysia and my main defense professor was in America, therefore both of them were absent today. The committee read my supervisor and defense professor’s comments and there were no questions from them. However, the committee had a lot of questions and I had to answer them. That was the longest 30 minutes ever. After that, I went outside to check my cellphone. It turned out the English centre where I worked called me to announce that I would receive a new class this week.

After the thesis defense, I went to eat Bun Bo (Vietnamese Hue-style Beef noodle soup) with my friends at the canteen. The sliced beef and pork were tender and tasty. The noodle broth was scented with the lemon grass and a dose of fermented shrimp paste. The sliced onions and diced scallions, the minced garlic and the lemon grass were sprinkled on the top of the noodles. What I also like about this noodles was the little scented pork roll. The scent from the hot bowl of beef noodle soup was very attractive and significant. I love sipping the hot flavoured broth and eating the sliced beef together with the round noodles so much.


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