Lovely Moon Cakes

In my country, we often eat moon cakes in the Mid-autumn festival. Moon cakes are round pastries which look like the full harvest moon. The fillings vary from ingredients and taste. Most of Vietnamese moon cakes consist of yolks from salted duck eggs and other ingredients such as green bean, taro, lotus seed paste, pork, sausages and so on. The fillings are very dense, rich and a little bit sticky, but they are too sweet. Therefore, it will be better to drink a hot cup of tea while nibbling the moon bakes. The taste of tea can balance the sweetness of the moon cakes.

This year, I was delighted to enjoy the moon cakes at work. The box are so elegant and beautiful. When I opened the box, the moon cakes are divided into different pieces. I love the taro moon cakes so much. The crust is soft and delicious. I like the sweet, dense and smooth taro fillings. The yolk is salted and a little bit dry.

My mother’s company gifted my mom a set of moon cakes which are decorated as a lantern. There are also the coconut scented candles for lighting the lanterns. There are 4 moon cakes with various flavours such as watermelon, jambon, strawberries and green beans, but I only like the traditional green bean moon cakes.

A friend of my mom also gifted us a jambon moon cake. The taste is also sweet and deep with the tender crust.  

4 thoughts on “Lovely Moon Cakes

  1. Beautiful pictures and the moon cakes look delicious! Thank you for sharing! we’re visiting Vietnam next week and will surely try them 🙂
    Are you in Hanoi – will be amazing to meet you too 🙂


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