Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam is considered as Children Festival. Therefore, the English centre where I work organized many activities to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. Last week, the manager introduced the activities briefly and all of us felt very excited.

First of all, we instructed the students how to make the lanterns and taught some vocabularies related to mid-autumn festival. We showed a touching video about the tradition of the lantern parade in the Mid-autumn festival. Then we showed a funny clip with Vietnamese songs about Mid-autumn festival and the children felt excited. I love the way they sang and danced along the music.


The most exciting part is to make the paper lanterns. We had to instruct the students how to fold the lantern. It turned out that most of the students had difficulty in making the lanterns. I had 4 classes today, so I had to help the students make a lot of lanterns. The lanterns had the shape of cute animals such as pigs, monkeys, zebras, lions, bees and cats. The animal lanterns were so cute and lovely. The English centre also gifted the students a lot of red balloons. Therefore, today each corner of the centre was full of the red balloons and cute animal lanterns. This was my first time joining the Mid-autumn festival at this English centre and I felt extremely excited.


Besides the animal lanterns provided by the English centre, my class also made simple paper lanterns. The students had to colour a piece of paper with beautiful lantern drawings. Then we helped the students make the paper lanterns. This type of lanterns was not as splendid as the animal lanterns, but the paper lanterns were personal and unique because each student coloured the lanterns in their own ways.


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