Happy Independence Day

September 2nd is Vietnam Independence Day. Therefore, we have a day off to commemorate this historical event. My cousins from a far province also came to visit us, so we decided to cook together. The special meal we prepared was “Bún mắm” (Vietnamese Rice noodles in fermented fish soup). The soul of noodles placed in the fermented fish soup with a special salty taste and an unforgettable aroma.

My mom bought the fermented fish called “Mắm Cá Linh” to make the soup. The fermented fish created a deep salty taste and added an attractive brown colour to the soup. People often add roasted pork, boiled prawn and fried fish cakes as toppings, but today we just added roasted pork and mushrooms. We spent a great time cooking and savouring the noodles together.

Then, my family went to the supermarket for shopping. It was such a pride to see the Vietnamese flags waving in the wind along all the streets. However, I had to stay at home doing my thesis. I felt overwhelmed and stressed by the thesis so much. Luckily, when my family came back home, they bought a box of strawberry ice cream for me. I felt extremely excited. During the stress of thesis, savouring each scoop of frozen sweet ice cream really refreshed my mind. And the pink colour of strawberries lightened up my day too.


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