Lovely cups and mugs

I went to the little shop called “The gioi Décor’ because it has many beautiful cups and mugs. I saw them on facebook and they looked very cute, so I decided to went there directly. I especially fall in love with the milk mugs. The mugs take inspiration from the design of the milk jugs. The spots of a cow add more cuteness to the mugs.

 Another pattern is the splash of milk on the mugs. This design brings a fresh and cool look to the drinkers. It’s such a great feeling to start a morning with a hot mug of milk or coffee. I think this type of mug will enhance the taste of milk and encourage the kids to drink more milk. But in fact, I have a habit of collecting mugs to make them the pen or pencil holders. I have a lot of pen, pencils, highlighters and crayons, so I often put them into the cups or mugs. I love seeing the colourful pens in the cute mugs so much.


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