Submitting the thesis

After revising the draft of my thesis many times, I managed to submit the official thesis today. Sleepless nights filled with pressure and worried were over. My fingers hurt a lot because I had to type too much. I and other friends tried to catch up with the deadline which was 12 a.m.

Luckily I got my supervisor’s approval and revised the draft for the last time. The process of printing was too tiring and complicated. I need to print 5 copies of my thesis. My thesis consisted of some colourful charts, so I had to print them separately to save money. After that, I rushed to my university on my motorbike to submit the hard copies. Luckily I got there at 11:50 a.m. Now, I only have to wait for the thesis defense, which is the most scary event ever.



After submitting my thesis, I went to a little shop called “The gioi Decor”. At the first sight, this shop seems very romantic and classic with many beautiful flowers. When I entered the shop. I felt overwhelmed with a lot of cool stuffs used for decoration. I am impressed with the cute flower pots.


I spent time mooching in the shop and gazing at the vintage stuffs. The wall clocks are so elegant and beautiful with the floral designs.


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