Sweet cakes and scented tea

Today I decided to go to the newly-opened coffee shop named Furin. The shop was a little bit small but very cute and cozy. What impressed me was the flower-scented tea bottle. Freshly plucked flower buds together with the tea leaves create special aromas and add more charms to the tea bottle. A sip of scented teas can delight the tea drinkers on a warm afternoon.

There are many types of scented tea with the cute names. For example, ‘Tropical Tea’ is a combination of jasmine, ginger and sugar. The jasmine enriches its aromas and deepens the flavor of the tea. ‘Grass tea’ is scented with sweet grass and honey while ‘Eastern tea’ is flavoured with green pandan leaf, citronella leaf, sour lemon and sweet sugar.

I ordered the tea with a romantic name ‘ Valentine tea’. This type of tea is scented with the yellow chrysanthemum, sliced Galangal and coconut sugar (or palm sugar). The coconut sugar is extremely sweet because it is made from the sap of the flower buds from the coconut palm. Galangal has a stronger taste than the ginger, which balance the sweetness of the sugar.

There were a lot of little cupcakes with many flavours and colours. Looking at those cute cupcakes made me feel happy and excited.

There was a buffet discount, so I ordered a lot of foods and drinks. Fruits such as sliced mangoes, guavas and watermelons made me feel fresh and energetic. They tasted even better when we dipped them into the chili salt or shrimp salt.

Corn rolls (ram bắp), fried fish balls and orka (also known as lady fingers, ‘đậu bắp’) also tasted delicious. Especially I love the crispy corn rolls very much. However, all the foods were too small.

The panna cotta with strawberry jelly also tasted delicious. It was very smooth and creamy with a slight sweetness of strawberry. This cute dessert lighted up such a warm afternoon!

Finally was the cold shaved ice with sweet soda and strawberries. Some jellies were added to make the drink more colorful and attractive. There were so many foods and drinks, so I felt very full and satisfied with this buffet.

2 thoughts on “Sweet cakes and scented tea

  1. Oh I love tea rooms! And this one looks so special with the flower scented teas and all that amazing food! I mean I just love fresh fruits, like you said it makes you feel fresh and it’s so light and everything! And that panna cotta looks amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Caminioca,
      Thank you very much for your comments. Your comments make me feel very happy. I really look forward to enjoying the ‘afternoon tea”, but I haven’t had a chance to try it.


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