Colourful board games

 In the course “Teaching English to young learners”, we learned how to make the board games or toys for children. We also studied many useful and interesting methods to teach children. What I love most is the way of using board games as a warm-up game.

In the board games, we put the vocabularies the children have already known and some new words that we will teach. While playing the game, the children will come across those new words. Because of wanting to win the games, the children will have a strong need to learn those words.

We also had many teaching demonstrations. Each group taught a lesson while other classmates pretended to be the children. Therefore, the class was full of cute stuffs and toys. This course is definitely the most colourful and interesting course I have ever taken.


4 thoughts on “Colourful board games

  1. That is really cool! Both of my sister’s two sons are starting English this school year, I would definitely get them such a game if they were in regular shops. How do you pick out the vocabulary?


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