Shopping with mom

Today I went shopping with my mom to buy clothes for work. I felt extremely excited when wandering around the market. I could not wait to try on new clothes for work. The market looked like a maze with a lot of stalls. Each stall was full of colorful clothes and accessories. However, no matter how many times I tried on the skirts, they did not fit me because my waist was too big.

I felt very embarrassed when they said those skirts were the largest available size. Many shirts even did not fit me too. My mom decided to buy fabric to make clothes for me. The fabric in this market was colorful and diverse. I especially love the check fabric.




I could not believe that I became so fat like that. This incident reminded me of my interview for the position of an interpreter. When the company measured my weight and height, the manager said that my height was OK, but my weight did not meet their requirements. She also advised me to do more exercises to lose weight. IIt was the most embarrassing interview that I had ever done. Since that interview, I tried to lose weight but it seemed impossible because I stayed at home doing my thesis day and night. Until today when I was too fat for any skirts, I thought that I needed to follow the diet and training strictly.

After shopping for the fabric, I went to the shoe shops with my mom. I will have to work with children and stand for a long time, so I decided to buy two pairs of comfortable shoes.


Because of shopping for a long time, we decided to stop by a food stall to have a quick bowl of crab paste noodles. The hot noodles were very delicious with the special crab paste soup. Today was really fantastic!!


10 thoughts on “Shopping with mom

  1. They want you to be a certain height and weight for a position of an interpreter? That doesn’t sound right to me at all. Is this something normal in your country? You ahould only be evaluated on your abilities- not your appearance


  2. Was the weight requirement at least a healthy one? Like.. there is a difference between being called fat when you are actually at an unhealthy weight and then there is being called fat when you do have some tummy, but its okay because you are still at a healthy weight range?

    Still.. to say that… and for an interpreting job… Like… WOW


  3. Wow, that would never happen in my country. The only group of “employees” I know are measured like that are athletes… Best of luck with the job 🙂
    P.S. I think you’re lucky to have home sewn clothes. That is a real skill.


    1. I also think that only models, singers or actress need the appearance. I was very surprised when the company manager measured my height and weight.
      My mom used to be a tailor, so I had a chance to wear a lot of beautiful clothes.


  4. Think they are not even allowed to ask these questions here! Or perhaps for some very physical jobs but even so, these comments would have been considered very intrusive!

    Good luck with your new job.

    And yes, home sewn clothes are actually more special than shop bought. They are made to measure and unique. Instead of thinking shoot I don’t fit the standard size, just think, ha I have a personal dressmaker!

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