Sweet Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream

Summer is expected to be the wonderful time to take a rest after a year of study. I remember how I felt excited when looking forward to the summer vacation. The thought of lying on the endless beach and bathing in the bright sunshine made me feel very happy. However, summer turned out to be the busiest season for the senior students.

Secondary school seniors and high school seniors have to cram for the entrance exams while university seniors need to prepare all the documents for the graduation requirements. These days I am busy doing my bachelor thesis while my younger brother studies hard for the high school entrance exam. Therefore, as for my family summer is full of worries and tenseness this year.

Today, I took my brother to the high school entrance exam. Because the exam place was too far from my house, I had to wait for my brother to take the 3-hour exam. There were no waiting places around the school, so a lot of parents sat on the pavements to wait for their children. Worries glinted in their eyes, which reminded me of the time when my parents also waited for me to take the high school entrance exam. The pavements were full of people, so I went to the Circle K mart to have a rest. I decided to buy a Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream while doing my Korean exercises.

Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream is a Korean fish-shaped ice cream. This ice cream is related to Bungeobbang, Korean fish-shaped pastry ( “Bungeo” is a crucian carp and “ppang” is bread). The fish-shaped ice cream has a soft wafer filled with a thick layer of vanilla cream and a thin layer of red bean paste. I love sinking my teeth into the cute fish-shaped ice cream and savour the sweet frozen cream ooze out of the wafer. The vanilla cream is smooth and fresh while the red bean paste is very sweet, so two layers combines and creates a special taste.

I read on the web asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr and find out that there is a fun way to learn about your characteristics according to which part of the fish-shaped bread or ice cream you bite first. I ate the tail first, so I am supposed to be a cautious and romantic person. I think that this test sounds right to me. ^^

2 thoughts on “Sweet Bungeo Ssamanko ice cream

  1. OMG, Ssamanko (or Samanco, how they sell it in my country) IS DIVINE! ♥ Last Sunday I first tried the one with chocolate instead of beans and… geez, it’s so good I almost cried. ♥ My brother don’t eat anything related to fish and it took a time to explain to him that this ice cream is just fish shaped and not “fish flavored” hahaha but in the end, he kept asking me to buy more Samanco, lol

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    1. These fish-shaped icecream is so delicious and addictive. I will try the chocolate flavour next time. Many people mistake that this type of ice cream contains fish, but when they find out that it only has the fish shape, they will love eating this ice cream.

      I am looking forward to eating the fish-shaped bread. I heard that this hot bread is also delicious.


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