Cornetto Taylor Swift ice cream


After proctoring the first University Entrance Exam, I and my friend wandered along the alley near the university to look for something to eat. This alley looked like a food paradise with a lot of food. We were enchanted by the grilled pork ribs on a charcoal grill.

I love seeing the ribs turning into the mahogany colour and smelling the attractive smoke from the ribs. However, it took a lot of time to grill the ribs, so we decided to order the fried chicken and sauced octopus. It was very hot at noon so we went to the air-conditioned Circle K mart to have lunch. We also bought the Cornetto Taylor Swift ice cream.

I like ice cream and Taylor Swift a lot, so this combination absolutely draws my attention. On each of the Cornetto Taylor Swift ice cream, there is a lid with a number. This number will give us the chance to win the Taylor Swift red tour. According to the amount of Cornetto Taylor Swift ice cream, we can win Taylor Swift T-Shirt, iphone case, loudspeakers, notebooks or bags.

I chose the small strawberry ice cream. I was impressed by the bright color of the ice cream. The sweet red strawberry jam mixed well with the frozen cream dollop. Some crunchy nuts sprinkled on the top add more flavours to the ice cream. The layer of frozen chocolate below mixed well with the sweet strawberry layer. I enjoy savouring the biscuit cone filled with dark chocolate cream. The taste is so sweet and creamy.

My friend chose the large strawberry ice cream. The appearance of this ice cream is much more eye-catching and beautiful. The roasted peanuts are surrounded with little vanilla cream dollops. This ice cream looks like a blooming beautiful flower with white petals and a yellow stamen. Below the vanilla cream is a thick layer of strawberry cream and a thin layer of dark chocolate cream. The feeling of biting the crunchy biscuit cone and savouring the smooth creamy taste of the cream dollops is so great. The combination of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate creates a special flavor. I think I will order this type of Cornetto ice cream next time.


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