Proctor of University Entrance exam

I feel very surprised when seeing my name on the list of the proctors for the University Entrance Exam. Time flies like lightning. I remember how nervous I felt when taking the university entrance exam four years ago. Now I become a proctor who will supervise the students taking one of the most important exams in life. I recalled the sticky rice with peanuts that my Mom often made for me in the morning of the university entrance exam. In Vietnamese language, “peanuts” mean “ passing the exam” (đậu). Therefore, we often eat this peanuts sticky rice before taking the exam for luck.

This year, when I became the proctor, my mom also made the sticky rice with peanuts. As an exam proctor, I had to wake up early at 4:30 am. when the food stalls have not opened yet. Therefore, my mom stayed up late to soak the glutinous rice and the peanuts. After that, my mom used the steamer to cook the sticky rice as breakfast for me. My mom used the turmeric to add the bright yellow color to the rice. She is so thoughtful and considerate.

Sticky rice with peanuts

I feel very excited to proctor the university entrance exam for three days. There are two proctors in one room. The first one is the university teacher and the second one is the university senior student. My job is to write the exam numbers on the table, sign the exam papers, documents and check the absent candidates. At first, I felt excited, but then I felt extremely tired and sleepy when observing the room for three hours continuously. Luckily, there was no exam infringement. However, one student suddenly ran out of the room and kept vomiting. She ate junk food at noon and got food poison. She had to go the health room and could not finish the exam, which meant failing the university exam. The situation got worse and she needed to be transferred to the hospital. I and other teachers had to contact her family and gather the documents. She came from a far province and it was regrettable that she could not make it through the exam. She should have eaten the healthy and clean food instead of the junk food on the pavement when taking the important exams.

Here are some photos of me and my friends when being the proctor of the university entrance exam. ^^


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