Tea break for the alumni meeting

My faculty organized a meeting between seniors and alumni on Saturday afternoon. This was a great chance for the seniors to meet and talk with the former students. Most of the alumni got good jobs after graduation and they shared many valuable experience of writing the CV and dealing with the interviews.

The meeting took place at the hall which was spacious and airy. Half of the hall was used for the meeting and the rest of the hall was set up for the tea break. I volunteered to be the receptionist of the tea break. I and other receptionists prepared the bread and cakes for the tea break. We had a great time arranging little cakes on the dishes.

Let’s have a closer look at each type of bread and cakes. The most favourite cake was the Choux Crème. A lot of people chose these cakes, so the dishes of Choux Crème became empty in the blink of an eye. These cream puffs were so delicious and cute. The little puffs were filled with sweet and soft whipped cream. I love biting the soft crust and savour the sweet cream which is smooth and oozing at the first bite. The cream puffs were just a little bit sweet, so we could eat them continuously without boredom. Standing in front of a paradise of cakes, I could not resist myself from sneaking some delicious choux crèmes.

Another favourite type of cakes was the small apple pie. They were so cute and lovely. I love gazing at the woven flaky lattice crust. However, the double-crust pie was so hard that it almost hurted my mouth at the first bite. Luckily, the apple jam filling was sweet and soft, which added more flavours to the pies.

The little sponge cakes were also delicious. Those butter cakes tasted soft and moist, but a little bit sweet. Luckily, some dried grapes were added to cakes to create a sweet-sour and crunchy flavour. There were also many other types of cakes for the buffet. Most of them included sausages or coconut custard. In general, all of the cakes here had yellow crusts, which created a bright feeling. However, it would be better if there were some other colors such as the brown colour from chocolate or the green colour from matcha to create the diversity in the cake buffet.

Another significance of the tea break is the fresh fruits and the chocolate tower. Seasonal fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, guavas and plums are placed nicely on the dish. Next to the fruit dish is the hot chocolate tower. Seeing the streams of hot chocolate drizzle from the towers makes my mouth watery. It’s a great feeling to dip the fresh fruits in the sweet chocolate and savour the wonderful flavour.

There was also a stall of drinks such as tea, milk, beer and wine for the students and teachers to enjoy. After I ate too many sweet cakes, a fresh bottle of tea quenched the thirst. I also sipped a little bit wine and it was definitely not my cup of tea. I preferred something sweet and fresh.

I also had a good time chatting with a special friend. I talked with her a lot on facebook but today was the first time I met her in real life. She was so cute and friendly.


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