5 things that make me happy this week.

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These days I suffer from stress a lot due to the study. Therefore, I think I should write something to cheer me up. Every time I feel exhausted, I always try to think in an optimistic way to relieve stress. Here are 5 things that make me happy this week.

1. I bought a new case cover for my ipad. The old cover of my ipad was a little bit dirty and I could not remove the stains. I intended to buy a new one but I was too busy to find time to go shopping. Until last week, I came across a store and caught sight of the pastel pink ipad cover. The idea of buying it immediately came to my mind, but I still tried to keep calm to bargain with the shop assistant. Finally, I could buy that pastel pink case cover with a very cheap price. I felt very happy to hold the ipad with the new case cover.

2. Now I have a collection of pink case covers for Apple devices. I always fall in love with the pastel pink color and my idea of bliss is to fill the world with the sheer beauty of pink. Every time I look at the lovely pinky things, my heart beats quickly and happily.

3.  I went on a trip to Hue in 3 days and it was really wonderful. I visited the imperial citadel and Vietnam Kings’ mausoleum. I also tried a lot of Hue food. I took hundreds of photos and will share with you in later posts.

4.  During my trip to Hue, I had to walk a lot all day long. It’s a long time since I took such a long walk. The weather in Hue is scorching hot, so I feel as if I was doing exercises in the gym. The good thing is the feeling of achievement when I climbed 127 steps to reach the Khai Dinh King’s mausoleum on the mountain side . I love the modern and classic architecture of the tomb and enjoy gazing at the epic views from the top of the mountainside.

Khai Dinh King’s mausoleum
Epic view from Khai Dinh King’s mausoleum

5.  There are few months left until graduation and every senior student is very excited to count down each day. Most of them finished all the classes and prepared for the last final exams of university life. I wish that I could be carefree like them because I’m still stuck here with the thesis. I study the honor program, so I have to do a thesis in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor’s degree. I am still only halfway to finishing the thesis and here comes the most difficult part of the thesis which is collecting and analyzing data. After struggling a few days, I finally finished compiling the survey and interview questions, which took a load off my mind.

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