Ca Chep bookstore with unique style

I spent the weekend with my friend wandering the bookstores near our university. After a while of discussion, we decided to try the new book store called “Ca Chep”. This place is considered as one of the most beautiful book stores in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I heard so much about it but it was not until now that I can find time to visit this book store. Ca Chep bookstore is designed by the artist Nguyen Quang Thang, so the design is very unique and artistic. There are five floors in total and each floor is decorated with different themes.


The first floor is just normal like other bookstores, but the wooden shelves with books neatly arranged and organized in various topics made a strong impression on me. There is even a set of Harry Potter series in a mysterious wooden trunk.
I and the wooden trunk of Harry Potter series

The mezzanine is the most special part of this bookstore. There is a space where the floor is made of glass so that we can look through to see the floor below. Walking on the glass floor is an unforgettable experience to me. I felt a little bit thrilled and excited when walking on the glass floor and looking down.

This mezzanine is also used to sell a lot of stationeries and souvenirs. We felt as if we lost in a fairy tale with many cute stuffed animals and a lot of cute souvenirs.

Then we went upstairs and felt overwhelmed with a lot of colorful bookshelves. This floor is designed for children, so the bookshelves are designed in different shapes to get attention. I totally fall in love with the yellow cylinder bookshelves because they look very cute. There are some cute holes in the bookshelves for children to play and read books. The colorful  book covers together with the bright bookshelves are believed to attract not only children but also the adults.

The third floor is designed for dictionaries, books related to language, art, economy or science. This is also one of the most impressive floors. The bookshelves are made of glass, which creates a professional and modern look. The beautiful and delicate style of these bookshelves should be enjoyed by our own eyes. The chrome frames together with the inset transparent glass shelves are really an inspiring and interesting design.

There are even many beautiful MOVABLE BOOKSHELVES here. Each shelf looks like a modern window which you can move in any directions. There are posters, comics, magazines and art books on display.


The next floors are used for book coffee shop and office. The coffee shop seems very interesting, but the number of books here is still limited. Hope that the bookshelves will be full of wonderful books soon. Any way, I really like this bookstore. If you go to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, this is the address:
Ca Chep bookstore, 211 – 213 Vo Van Tan street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

4 thoughts on “Ca Chep bookstore with unique style

    1. Hello Hana1220,
      Thank you for your comment. The feeling of walking on the glass floor is really thrilling and interesting. Hope that you will try it some day ^^


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