Frog Theater

Senior year is more difficult than I expected. It’s high time I concentrated on my thesis because I have to hand in the first draft of my thesis at the end of May. I struggle every day with my thesis, but then I always end up feeling stuck, bewildered and losing directions.

Being confused and losing motivation, I start to crank out words to catch up with the deadline. I also have to finish 4 observation reports, reflection paper and lesson plan for the internship, so what I do these days is to chase deadlines as time flies like an arrow. Every morning I wake up with a cloud hanging over me and wonder whether I can survive this period or not. Seeing other friends busy with their own theses put me under pressure. One of my friends is extremely immersed in doing the research. She let us do surveys to select a war movie related to her thesis. Then today, she invited us to the Frog Theater inside the Three Brooms Inn.


Three Brooms Inn is like a coffee shop decorated in Harry Potter style. Last Christmas I went there with my classmates, but today I explored a new corner inside the coffee shop. We went up the narrow tortuous stairs with wooden handrails. The room on each floor is designed with various purposes such as baking, meeting and so on. I love the room with the green light bulbs that created a mysterious and impressive beauty.

Finally on the top floor, I could see a beautiful wooden door welcoming us to the Frog theater. I love Harry Potter novels, so this type of decoration always captivates me.

Walking inside the house, I found a small but cozy room with a lot of portraits hung on the walls. These portraits made me feel like a common room in Hogwarts. The room was quite dark with yellow lamps glimmering in the corners. I love small fluffy cushions scattered in each row of seats. The black and red cushions are so tender and soft that I love lying down on them and have a rest, forgetting all the worries that burden me.

There were also some small frog statues put in front of the screen for decoration. The screen was large enough for us to enjoy as if we were being in the movie theater. Actually, I prefer the idea of renting a room like this and gathering all the friends to watch a movie together. A small and cozy room full with friends makes me feel warm and comfortable. It is better than a large movie theater with a mish-mash of different people.

So I lied on the comfortable fluffy cushions and enjoyed the full-screen movie called “Born on the fourth of July”featuring Tom Cruise. The young Tom Cruise is so handsome with the sparkling charming eyes. I also love his acting with a variety of expressions. Our job was to watch the movie, do the surveys and make discussions. The friend who organized this meeting also treated us a meal. She put so much effort into her thesis, which made me admire her so much.

I ordered a dish of spaghetti with cream sauce and a grilled fillet of fish. The cream sauce created a fatty feeling but it was a little bit bland. The green bell peppers made the dish more attractive but their flavour was so pungent that it outshined the flavors of the creamy sauce. I had to ask for the chilli sauce to flavour the dish. What I loved best was the grilled fillet of fish. I enjoyed every bite of the fillet, especially the crispy edge and the burns on the surface. The fish fillet was pleasant to taste and not too dry.

3 thoughts on “Frog Theater

  1. I’m in the same situation as you although I’m only starting mine. Can you give me any tips or advice on starting it? Especially my research? My topic is: the representation of ethnic minorities in video games so I’m excited to start it.

    Also the pictures from the frong theater are lovely ^^


    1. Your topic is very interesting. I think first of all, you should think of at least 2 research questions to guide your research. Then think about the methods you will use to get the data for your research such as questionnaires, interviews, experiment. ^^


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