Sweet Reflection (Seoul State of Mind)

I find this blog by chance and love the beautiful photos so much. Check out the sweet photoshoots of traditional Hanboks by seoulstateofmind.

Seoul State of Mind

Boomf 02
Boomf 002 (2)
Boomf 01
Boomf 002
boomf 003

It has really been full of ups and downs during my 2 years here in Korea… The things I have actually done, achieved, and even failed made me think “Did I really do all that?”. Seriously thank goodness all my memories have mostly been documented here. I also feel blessed to have witness the continuous growth of this blog, and whether you are a silent reader or a one click wonder, just wanna say thanks, and keep sticking around! hehe

I was suddenly reflecting because I was choosing out pictures from myInstagram feed for Boomf’s magic mallows. Seriously, what a cool and unique way to preserve my memories~~ and bonus, I get to devour them all. Each picture from my Instagram wall has a personal story to it, an unforgettable experience, a piece of my memory. I just think that one day, if I give these mallows to you…

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