These days, I am busy preparing for the fieldtrip to Da Nang. My team was in charge of the report about the common errors in English pronunciation. Mr. XT, a newly-graduated teacher, held a meeting at my university. He was one of the best students in my university. I have heard many about him, but it is not until today that I can meet him in real life. He looked very professional with imac, ipad,  ipod and Converse shoes. To my surprise, he had already prepared the plan in detail. We contributed some opinions to the report, then my friends made a demonstration. After observing my friends’ presentation, Mr. XT commented and showed us how to present something effectively. The way he talked was so professional and persuasive. I have learned a lot today. After the meeting, he took us to a food stall nearby to treat us lunch. He is really generous and friendly.

“Banh cuon thit nuong”( steamed rice cake rolls with grilled pork stuffing)

“Banh cuon thit nuong”( steamed rice cake rolls with grilled pork stuffing)

 I ordered “Banh cuon thit nuong”( steamed rice cake rolls with grilled pork stuffing). The grilled pork is sliced and put on the lettuce. Then a thin layer of steamed rice cakes is spread on the table. You put the pork together with the lettuce on the steamed rice cake and then roll it. We often eat steamed rice cake rolls with the fish sauce. However, this food stall made a special sauce with ground meat. I love the feeling of tasting the thin and translucent steamed rice rolls. The grilled meat dipped in the special sauce was also appetizing.

You can click on this link to know to how to cook this dish

COM TAM (rice with grilled rib and steamed pork-egg)

COM TAM (rice with grilled rib and steamed pork-egg)

My friend ordered a dish of rice with grilled rib and steamed pork-egg. The Vietnamese often eat this dish as breakfast. Com Tam is a Vietnamese dish made from broken rice grains. Because the broken rice is smaller than regular rice, the newly-cooked broken rice is very soft and tender. This dish is often served with grilled pork rib, shredded pork skin and steamed pork-egg. The smoky grilled rib of my friend’s ‘Com Tam’ is so delicious with the burnt edges and grilled marks. The rib tastes succulent and flavourful with seasonings. The steamed pork-egg is soft and beautiful with a thin yellow layer of egg laid over the minced salted pork. The steamed pork egg tastes soft like custard. Com Tam is also served with Vietnamese fish sauce which tastes sour-sweet and spicy. Some pickled carrots are added to deepen the flavour of the dish.

ADDRESS: 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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