Ms. Thai Hoa from Vietnam Masterchef

On March 3, I and my friends went to a meeting held by Ms. Thai Hoa from Vietnam Masterchef contest. In this competition, Ms. Thai Hoa was one of top 3. I like her style and her food so much.

 On this day, she organized a meeting to introduce her new book which featured a lot of delicious foods and drinks. The meeting took place at Saigontourist hospitality college. This is the first time I have gone to this college. I was impressed by the greenish decorations here. I always dream of studying in the school covered in green like this.

The yard is covered with green grass which creates a peaceful feeling. Although it is fake grass, the feeling of stepping on the green floor is so great.

There are even many orchids pots in the hanging garden

On the yard, there was a welcome stall where Ms. Thai Hoa signed the book and met people. I love the decorations so much. Glass bottles and cups are gorgeous. Gazing at these glass bottles lightens up my day

While waiting, we ate the pork head meat pie (Gio Thu) with the chili sauce.

This is her new book with many recipes and feelings.

Then we went to the dining room to meet Ms. Thai Hoa. Wow, this college is like a different paradise in comparison to my university. The dining room is very luxurious with the beer and wine bar and the fashionable tables.

I also love how they decorated each table. I totally fell in love with the glass flower vases and the candle cups.

First of all, some guests who used to join the Vietnam Masterchef contest shared their experience and feelings with Ms. Thai Hoa.
Then Ms. Thai Hoa demonstrated some foods which were mentioned in her book. The first meal was the soup with shredded chicken and mushrooms.

Ms. Thai Hoa used the Korean instant soup and it created a sweetish taste. I often eat soup with the parsley but Ms. Thai used the Vietnamese herb called rau răm (Persicaria odorata) which created a unique taste. The shredded chicken were also very delicious and mixed well with the mushrooms. This soup was very easy to make and enjoy.

There were too many spoons and forks. All of sudden I and my best friends thought of the film “Pretty woman” by Julia Roberts. In that movie, the actress had to learn to use each spoon for each dish.

This is spaghetti with smoked salmon and winged beans. The smoked salmons made a delicious impression for the main course. The  salmon fillets were very delicious and fresh. The noticeable feature is that this kind of spaghetti is served with soy sauce and the winged beans. However, in my opinion, the winged beans seemed hard to enjoy.

“Floating sweet soup” from Ms. Thai Hoa is my best meal. The soup is creamy with cheese jelly and nutty with buttery lotus seeds. I love the sweetness and freshness from each spoonful of this soup. This desert is perfect for the hot days because it can quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite. I am a big fan of lotus seeds. It can help you sleep well and keep calm.

My best friend is very pretty and sweet with the purple bouquet.

Ms.Thai Hoa from Vietnam Masterchef contest. She is very friendly and lovely with the bright smile. Her foods are very delicious and unique

Ms. Thuy Hong from Vietnam Masterchef. She is very kind and warm-hearted

I really had a great day with my best friend and Ms. Thai Hoa.

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