Finishing the final exam.

Hello everybody,

I’m sorry for not posting entries for a long time. I’m too busy with the final exams and the thesis proposal. These days seem like a nightmare because I almost stay up late to review for the exam. Anyway, I have finished the exams and have just got the approval for the thesis proposal, so now I’m free to do whatever I like. ^^

I have 3 weeks off for the Lunar New Year and because I have finished the exams early, I have 2 more weeks off. I feel on cloud 9 when making the plans for the 5 weeks off. ^^ This is my temporary plan:

1.Joining the Korean-Vietnamese exchange program at my University

2. Organizing the bookshelves and doing the housework to prepare for the Lunar New Year.

3. Organizing the documents in the laptop.

4. Reviewing and studying Korean and Chinese.

5.Watching dramas

 After the final exams, I hung out with my friends to celebrate all the hard works in the last semester. First, we went to a food stall nearby to have some snacks because we all felt exhausted after the exams.

The first food called “Xoi man” is Vietnamese sticky rice with shredded chicken and Vietnamese pork rolls. The glutinous rice is sticky and delicious while the shredded chicken is a little bit salty. They even sprinkle some dried shrimps to ornament the dish. This combination creates a beautiful color.

Next is chicken soup which is hot and very tasty.

This is a dish of flan served with Vietnamese black coffee and shaved ice.

 After that, we continued to go to Lotte food stall. There is a lot of promotions here. We decided to order the “Finger chicken”. The service here is unprofessional. We had to wait for nearly 45 minutes. The Lotte finger chicken is smaller than I expected. The chickens have such thick and crunchy crust that we cannot use the knife to cut. The solution is to use fingers to eat. Now I understand the name “Finger Chicken”. Any way, I really like the yellowish crust with fried sesames. The chickens are flavored with special seasonings that create a special deep taste.



4 thoughts on “Finishing the final exam.

  1. Totally know what you mean about break time from school. My classes begin again the day after tomorrow, so my vacation’s over. But I had sure thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The chicken soup looks great! I think the Chinese folks call it “Egg Drop Soup” and there’s a fast food place at the Honolulu, Hawaii airport that makes it good. I love Vietnamese food! Especially the hot sauce that’s always available to add into them. Flan’s one of the best desserts for sure! Yummy pics!


    1. Hello, thank you very much for your comment.
      I feel very excited about the five weeks off. It is such a long break before the second semester starts. ^^
      Thanks for your compliments and comments on the foods. I hope that I will have a chance to enjoy the Honolulu fast food store that you mentioned. ^^


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