My 32nd Topik’s result

Today is the day Topik’s results come out but a few days ago, I and my friends felt like a cat on hot bricks. Today, we counted down the clock until 1 pm in Vietnam which was 3pm in Korea. I had a class in the afternoon, so I had to check my Topik results at the University. The wifi in my University was so weak that I could not load the Topik website. Maybe there were too many people getting access to check the results, so the website loaded very slowly. I have tried many times, but I couldn’t load the website. It reminded of my university’s website when students have to register for class online. Then after about 45 minutes, I finally managed to load the Topik exam.

 You can click on this link to check your Topik result. Type your application number in the box “수험번호” and date of birth in the box “생년월일”, then you click the button “조화하기”.

 topik result

And this is my result for Topik 32 which took place on October 20, 2013.

 Lan topik32-2

 I am extremely happy when I know that I pass Topik 4 (Intermediate 2), but at the moment later, I feel a little bit disappointed because I didn’t try my best to do the test. I would have more higher scores if I concentrated and was not stressed due to the time. As you can see from my Topik exam last year in October. I made no progress on Vocabulary/ Grammar and Reading skill. I was really disappointed at myself.

 Ngoc Lan-2

 The only progress I have made is the writing and listening skill. After 28th Topik exam, I realized my weakness is the writing and listening skill, so I spent 1 year brushing up on those skills. Until now, I have written over 100 entries of diary to practice Korean. I also watch Korean dramas a lot to practice listening skill. Writing Korean diary and watching Korean dramas take a lot of time, so I didn’t have time for learning by heart any more vocabulary or reading any Korean articles, and of course I did not have much time to practice speaking skill. I think it is high time to balance all the skills and start a new plan of studying Korean.

 The Topik exam just reflects a part of your Korean level so that you can enhance your strength and minimize the weakness. If you don’t pass the Topik exam this time, you shouldn’t be too upset. You just need to learn the experience and practice more. I have to take the Topik intermediate exam twice until I can get Topik 4. I hope that we can continue to learn Korean with all of our passion^^


23 thoughts on “My 32nd Topik’s result

  1. Congratulations on 4급!ヽ(。・ω-。)★ You’ve just encouraged me to study better for TOPIK and JLPT I’m taking next year. You studied hard, came up with plans and kept trying. Balancing all the different skills is a true challenge of these tests. It’s easy to miss one and to know when you’re up to par with the test’s standards.

    I gotta keep practicing!~♪


    1. I’m sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your comment. It really makes me happy. I’m glad that my blog inspires you to have more motivation to learn Korean. I hope that you will have good results in your Topik and JLPT exams. ^^


  2. Woooow! Congratulations! 😀 don’t be disappointed in yourself about your vocabulary/reading scores. I cannot believe that you didn’t make any progress. Such a great improvement in writing and listening scores shouldn’t be possible without a great improvement of overall vocabulary too. It just wasn’t reflected as clearly in the specific words and grammatical patterns you were supposed to know in the vocabulary section. In my view, 쓰기 and 듣기 are the most difficult sections because you have nothing in writing to relate to. In 쓰기 you have to rely on your own memory only, and in 듣기 you have to cope with differences in people’s intonation, speed of the dialogue (whether it’s fast or oddly slow), and possible dialects without having a scrip while trying to rule out answer options. So well done! 🙂


    1. Hello Koreanlearner,
      Thank you very much for the comment. I feel very happy and more confident after reading your comment. I’m glad that at least I improve my listening and writing skill.
      I wish you will have good results in your next Topik exams. ^^


  3. Wow, 4급 합격축하합니다! 대단하시네요. I’m pretty sure I will fail at 쓰기 if I take TOPIK now. Do tell how you prepared for 쓰기.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments. Through your blog, I see you study Korean very hard, so I believe that you will get good results in your exams. Especially, I think that you will get great marks in the part Vocabulary and Grammar part.
      I think that if you practice writing Korean diaries regularly, it can help you do the Writing part in the Topik exam better. ^^


  4. Congratulations!!! I like your journal writing idea I’m going to use that as a method to study until the next time I take the Topik, listening amd writing are my weakest points. Those are great scores and a huge improvement from your last test! Any other types you have would be great to know about.


  5. Hello,

    I accidentally stumbled upon this blog of yours & I just want to say that your posts are really inspiring 🙂 I find your love for Korea & its culture genuinely interesting, it makes me want to learn the language as well XD I’ve tried some self teaching manuals before but it didn’t go anywhere so eventually I just gave up ^^’ How & why did you start learning korean? 🙂

    Last but not least, congrats on these scores 😀 Those diary entries & hours of watching dramas really paid off ^^


    1. Hello, nice to meet you. I’m glad that my blog entries are helpful to you. You can read my previous entries to find more about my method of learning Korean. In general, there are not any perfect ways to learn language. The importance is our passion on the language. I like to listen to SNSD song, watch Running man shows and watch Korean dramas. I also love writing Korean diaries very much. You can try those methods to learn Korean. I hope that you can find some methods helpful and continue studying Korean. ^^


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