Happy Pepero Day and Mom’s birthday

November 11 is the Pepero Day (빼빼로데이) which is also regarded as Korean Valentine Day. This day takes name from the Korean snack called Pepero (빼빼로) which are thin sticks of biscuits dipped in chocolate. The shape of thin biscuit sticks looks like the number 1, so November 11 becomes Pepero Day.

People hope that when eating Pepero, they will become slim like those sticks. Another reason is that in Korean, the phrase for “losing weight” is “살을 빼다”. Therefore, I heard people takes the name “빼빼로” from the word “빼다” with the hope that “너도 빼빼로처럼 빼빼하게 마르길 바란다”( I hope that you will be slim like Pepero too). Somebody thinks that pepero day is just a day for business because they can sell a lot of chocolate sticks. However, I think Pepero day is a very cute day when you can share the sweets and your heart with people you love.

 My buddy also gifted me a box of Pepero. It is a little bit difficult to find Pepero Day in Vietnam. She had to go to a small mart in District 1. I was super happy to receive her candies. Pepero is definitely an ideal snack. We ate Pepero and self-studied Korean in the University hall. I have to admit that Pepero is very addictive. Just a bite of biscuit stick dipped in sweetish chocolate is not enough, so I just keep nibbling the sticks. I love the crunchy feeling of biting the baked pretzel sticks and the delightful sweet flavor brought out when the chocolate covering the sticks melts in my mouth.



November 11th is also my Mom’ birthday. This year I gave her a box of Korean Red Ginseng(홍삼)



Red Ginseng is mainly used for medicinal purposes. It is said that Red Ginseng helps reduce the alzheimer, improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue and strengthen the immunity. My mom likes Red Ginseng very much. In fact, she often eats Red Ginseng candies a lot.


In the box there are 5 small bottles. I thought inside the box is Red Ginseng powder, but when we opened the bottle, the red Ginseng was solid like candies. =.=


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